Basement project....

The kids are away.......The Hubs is working.......I am ALL ALONE!! (dun,dun,duuuunnnn)

Well I had planned on organizing my coat closet and maybe a kitchen cabinet or two, no here I sit blogging, reading other blogs (I need closet organization ideas), on Pinterest and facebook.  Seriously Pinterest is a huge time suck for me but I do love having all of my inspiration in one place rather than saving a billion magazines just because I liked the vase on page 132 in the lower left hand corner!  I am so off the subject now....Anyway.

Tomorrow my great friend Jay, who seriously has been a tremendous help with getting the basement done, is coming over tomorrow to finish the drywall and spackling!  My heart just skipped a beat writing that!  We are 8 months into this project and I am so ready for it to be DONE!!  But when you work on projects yourself, work full time and take care of your family there is very little time left in the day for projects!  This is why we hired Jay to help us out just getting it to the point where we can paint.  Plus his price was right for our budget (which is not a whole heck of a lot to begin with!)

Now my big dilemma is paint.  I hate picking out paint.  I never want to commit to just one color.  What if it does not look right, what if it makes the space look to small or too dark?  I tend to go with neutral colors in the spaces where things get changed a lot, like the living room.  But this time I want to be a little bold, a little daring and go with a color called Lyndhurst Shady Grove by Valspar.  Okay so it's not bold like red but it is out of my comfort zone.  Hopefully in the next week or so we will have the basement painted and then we will be ready to put down the flooring.  I am so excited and cannot wait to share the renovation with you soon!

And for now I will keep my fingers crossed that this project will come to an end soon but I won't get my hopes up too much!

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  1. like this color very much! Can't wait to see pics of finished product! I got project ugly tree completed. It cost $2 worth of clearanced ground coverage, & lots of time & hard work. But looks amazing! Project patio is about to be put together. Total cost about $58 & lots of hard work to come. And I have new project "cover ugly kitchen floor", which comes in at $33.75. CLEARANCE...I simply love this word! Today is project herb garden which I'm picking a pattern for because we know I can not just plug them into the ground. No no, I must have a fancy growing pattern. So I think I;m going with a cirle, around the tv satellite, which if all "grows" well (haha- get it goes well grows well), I will have little paths through the plants, with some rock decor. Should look cool! But as summer comes to an end so do my projects. Very exciting but now what to do next? Well, I always having canning season just around the bend! xoxo