The Incredible Truth About Easy-peasy and A Little About Me

It's funny how when you are yourself, things become easy.  Not that I wasn't myself in previous posts.  It was just not me I was portraying.  I felt rigid and stiff and certainly not fun at all.

When I first started this blog I thought it would be easy just to write about homesteading and gardening.  Then I found it difficult to write because I felt I was not qualified to give out such important information. I lacked the confidence to own what I was writing. Even though I had many successes doing it in my own home I could never just pen what I was doing to paper.   

Clearly this was not a good way to blog. So I needed a fresh start, a mulligan.  Something that was all sunshine and lollipops.  Okay, the sunshine blinded the living shit out of me, the lollipop is now stuck to the carpet and the kids now running naked in a sugar induced circle but it's all good, right? 

So where do I start?  Let's start with a brief introduction.  How about a little about me......

If you are easily offended, I am not the right girl for you.  I have an uncanny tendency to leave my filter at home most of the time.   

I have, what I like to call, an overacheiving brain, it's a blessing and a curse.  But mostly a curse.  So much sleep is lost just thinking about things.  Things that I cannot change,  things that shouldn't matter to me and things that are even WTF by my standards, which can be pretty low sometimes. 

I love to people watch.  No, I'm not one of those old people sitting on the bench at the mall, waiting for their wife to finish up shopping, just watching the people walk by without a care in the world.  I mean real people watching.  I get all up in their life, without them even knowing it.  I LOVE making up stories about the people I am watching.  Restaurants are always full of people who are meeting secretly and they always have shady pasts. I told the Hubs I was buying a small note pad to write down my stories so I can share them with the world.  Hey, you have your way of passing time, I have mine.  Stop judging.  Jeez!

I curse like I am the product of a truck driver who had a menage a trois with a sailor and Gordon Ramsey.  But I don't see it as cursing, I see it as a sentence enhancer.  Colorful words that make my point even better.  The only time I am pretty much not cursing is at work, just trying to keep it professional, yo. And yes I do kiss my mother with this mouth!

I still love gardening and taking care of my chickens.  They are my little chicken bitches. They give me the good stuff, like poop and eggs, and we keep them in the lifestyle the are accustom too.  Otherwise they end up like the other ones, frozen with their neck shoved up their asses.  

I really am fortunate and blessed to have created three wonderful little human beings.  

~Peanut is my oldest, she will be 13 this year.  Yikes!  I am getting old. She was my sweet angelic baby, she listened all the time and did not talk back.  So easy!  She is helpful and does exactly what she is told without the faces or noises.  

~Then came Bird.  Birdy is my middle child.  My sweet, sweet Birdy Bird.  I love this child more than a fat kid loves cake but this kid really makes me work for the title "mother of the year", every fucking day.  Never mind that the first six months of her life where spent screaming all day long and barely slept due to colic and digestive issues, which was enough to make me want to rip out my uterus right then and there, she has continued the trend and now finds new things to cry about.  If she is not whining about her latest tactile problem with the clothes she is wearing, she is screaming about how her hair hurts when I clip it up or how she does not like a certain food today.  My neighbors must think I beat the shit out of her almost daily and I am surprised no one has called child services on me.  I am hoping she grows out of it by the time she is a teenager, YEAH RIGHT!

~Then along came Bug.  She was our happy surprise. We were not planning on having Bug for at least two more years.  Well, I got pregnant with her when Bird was about three months old.  Yeah... SURPRISE!!  Then she tried to come out at something like 31 weeks!  Cuckoo, right?  But with lots of bed rest and medication we kept her in there until 37ish weeks.  Bug is so much like Peanut with a little side o' sass.  She is quite mellow and knows what she wants.  But when she gets mad?  Watch out!  I am waiting for the day her head spins whilst she screams redrum......This kids got a tempa!

Other than that, I am snoring boring.  I have breakfast with the girls each morning, drive their pampered asses to school, go to my little part time job, come home, pick up my pampered ass kids from school, slip into something more comfortable (read: yoga pants and a ratty sweatshirt), clean, do homework, make dinner, wait for the Hubs to arrive home, go to bed and if I am lucky enough, I get lucky.  TMI, I know.  


The wait is finally ova!

Hey there.....So I asked you to stay around and wait until February to find out what is going on with this blog.  And if you are reading this thank you for sticking around and giving in the the hype.  I promise you it will be well worth it.

So here's the scoop......

I have been in a serious funk lately.  Serious effing funk.  I tried to rally the troops and put my big girl panties on but, seriously, it just got the best of me.  Nothing bad and nothing I want to get into here, just the type of funk where you are perceived as lazy.  Cause we all know watching TV is way better than doing anything else.

Any who.....I am over it now.

I got some fun things in store for you.  I am going to change the direction of this blog to a little to more of a lighthearted, fun poking look at our life  It is sarcastic, and yes there will be some curse words, but I hope you enjoy it!

If not then there's the door....Kidding.  No wait come back!!  I have beer?!

I still have no schedule for posting because life around here is just CRAZY!  I am hoping that with time I will be able to get my shit together and post some stuff.  So I hope you will stay around just a little longer.  


A Change is in the Air....

Hey everyone, long time no see!  I have had a little writer's block and haven't really had the want to write about anything.  I wanted to let everyone who does read this that I am making some changes to the blog.  While I enjoy gardening and what not, I just feel that writing about it is just boring.

So I am going to change the style a bit and starting in February you will see a whole new blog!  It will lean more towards the funnier, lighter side of things....... I hope you are as excited as I am to see these changes!  See you in February!