Hurricane Irene

Hi everyone....I may not able to post for a few days. I am actually scheduling this post, it is only Friday.

Irene made her way up the coast line.  I am praying we don't lose power.  We are being told we could be without power for more than 96 hours. Which, in all reality, isn't very long but it seems like an eternity when you are without.
 Isn't she a massive beauty?
I also want to thank all of the out of state and local emergency personnel and electric company personnel who left their families to aid in the aftermath of this storm. Your kindness will not be forgotten.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected by Hurricane Irene.

We will be making the best of our time home and praying the Hubs will not have to go into work until after the storm has passed!  Enjoy!

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