Wow where did the time go?  I just blinked and here we are again gearing up for spring!  Sorry for being gone for so long, life is hectic!  I promise to try and post here more often!!

Can I just be the first to say March you rock! The weather has been so warm and just plain gorgeous, so far, that we have spent a lot of time outside!  This March we have been:

Digging the earth and planting bulbs.  To me, there is NOTHING better in the whole world than feeling dirt on your hands!

I checked my compost and the earthworms told me to put the pitchfork down and let them sleep!  I gladly obliged.

The chicken coop got a good cleaning and then we aired it out.

The daffodils woke up from a long winter's nap.

The girls were able to wear shorts, in March!

The leaves we never cleaned up from last year composted nicely on the lawn and are begging me to rake them up.

We had ice cream for dinner!  Yes we are just silly like that (and had a late lunch!)

We ordered our layers from Trish and will go and pick them up sometime next month. We are trying Golden Comets again. When we pick them up they will be 17 weeks and ready to go.  No more hoping and wishing for our gals to lay eggs!

We sat outside and ate our lunch on the deck.

Went exploring the woods behind the house.  The girls walked on fallen logs, while RJ and I scoped out some fallen trees from last years hurricanes.

We soaked up every last sunny ounce of sun, it felt so good and warm on my skin!

The girls asked to camp out already, it's not quite warm enough out for that yet!

And last but not least, my favorite thing, we had our first bon fire.  It was small and didn't last very long but I completely savored the moment!  I just hope we will get to enjoy another one on Saturday evening!  And many more to come!

Little Bug already asked me to pick up the marshmallows.  It's never too early for a roasted marshmallow or two!!

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful, warm weather.  I know we are!