My garden at dusk....Kindergarden Week 17

A little off the subject for just a moment....I just wanted to say that last weeks Kindergarden post was not to make anyone feel bad about the way they eat.  This way of eating did not happen for us overnight and in no way was I saying that my way of eating is the best way.  Everyone needs to do what is right for their family and I truely believe this is what is best for me and my family.  So I want to apologize if I came off as pushy, that was not the intent of the post. The intent was to make people think a little more about where their food is coming from. 

Whew, glad I got that off my chest!!  Kindergardens is my favorite post of the week!  It is post that I get to show off my garden and see others show theirs off as well!!  If you like my Kindergarden (and I sincerely hope you do!!) please check out the other fabulous Kindergardens over at The Inadvertent Farmer!

We had an assignment this week to take pictures of our gardens at either dawn or dusk.

So without further ado.......My garden at dusk.
There is fruits and veggies just hanging out!

Hidden tomato
Strawberries (yes they are still going strong!)

Eggplant- almost ready to pick!

Looking over the tomato plants, yes they are pretty tall!
 We did not intend to have pumpkins this year but I guess this is what I get for throwing my pumpkins down off the deck to the embankment! Can you find the hidden pumpkin in the second picture? 

Green pumpkin

Did you spot the pumpkin?

In last weeks Kindergarden post I used an old photo of my garden. Someone asked what my garden looks like now.....
Five raised beds

The two you cannot see because of my tomato jungle
Looks like a wild jungle of tomatoes!

Lately I have been really into taking pictures of bees. I am fascinated by these very necessary but oh-so-cute little pollinators.  Yesterday they were happily pollinating my Autumn Sedums!

Honey bee on an Autumn Sedum

Bumble bee flying away

Honey bee on an Autumn Sedum

Does anyone know what this is?  The hummingbirds love it. The Hubs called it a weed!  I think it is just beautiful and the Hubs agreed not to cut it down because it attracts the hummingbirds.  It has little orange flowers that remind me of those little goldfish crackers.  But I have no idea what it is.....

Chicken Update!  No eggs yet....That is all.....Wait you thought the status changed?  Silly!
Well I am now off to prepare for Irene.....Can you believe it?  An earthquake and a hurricane all in one week, I can hardly stand the excitement!  We will be getting our emergency supplies ready and trying to figure out what to do with the chickens.

What is your favorite time of day to enjoy your garden? 


  1. I do know what that is!!!!! It's called bittersweet. It is a type of wild flower that some nurseries actually sell because in places like up north here, it does not grow as wild as it does down in Hudson Valley. Garden looks great, & I have some sedum 'm awaiting to see becuse its just such a massive beautiful plant. My butterfly bushes are still going mad too! I finally get to see that bicolor bush open. Its beautiful!

  2. At least my in laws (the plant freaks) said that's a type of bitter sweet. It probably has a "proper" name. You can take a clip to Mohonkpreserve & they have people that can tell you 100% what it is. I always thought it looked more like a kind of honey suckle.