Egg watch continues.....Kindergardens Week 14

We're back into the swing of things here and feeling a little better than last week.  Thank you again everyone, your kind words meant a lot to me!

On to Kindergardens, check out Kim over at The Inadvertent Farmer, she has 3 brand-y new donkeys!  So cute, I want one but only having an acre of land kind of puts a kibosh on large farm animals. *Pouts* Someday I will convince the Hubs to buy 100 acres in Montana...Someday.

Enough with the day dreams.....

We are officially on egg watch. There were none tonight but the gals will be 22 weeks old next Friday.  Can you believe it?  It feels like just yesterday we brought those six little sweethearts home!  They have grown into such sweet little chickens and Little Bird is quite the chicken whisperer!  She is not afraid of them at all!  Little Bug on the other hand is still not too sure she likes them to be too close to her.  Maybe in time she will get use to it!  I think we are going to get meat birds next, we have been doing our research to find out which bird is the best meat bird.  If anyone has suggestions we are open to them!  

1 day old
21 weeks
We puttered around the gardens this week just to find a ton of tomatoes were hanging out.....

The corn was, well, being corn.  Growing beautiful tassels and we found new little ears getting ready to grow!

Please don't mind the unpainted chicken coop, it's on my to do list once this humidity is gone.

The watermelon decided to use the corn as a trellis!

The eggplants are just starting.  Hopefully we will get a few!

And all Little Bug wanted to do is pick the flowers......

Can you blame her?  They look beautiful!   

How is your garden growing this week?


  1. Your chickens have grown such beautiful reddish feathers! Absolutely gorgeous!

    In my humble opinion, the best meat chickens we ever raised were Freedom Rangers. We even tractored them, and they still gained a better weight than the regular broilers the previous year.

  2. What are those yellow flowers called? Can they grow quite tall? I've been seeing 5 or 6 foot bushes of flowers just like that around our neighbourhood but I don't know what they're called, and I want to grow some!

    Your chickens are lovely! I am always amazed to see how fast chickens grow :)

  3. oh, hope you get some eggs soon! garden looks like it's going strong! hooray!