The changing of the seasons

Wow, I can't believe summer is almost over.  It will be Labor Day in two weeks and that is the unofficial end to summer.  Much to their dismay, the kids will go back to school.  The air will quickly turn crisp and autumn will be here before we know it.  It always feels like summer is the shortest season, at least here in New York!

BBQ's on the deck will be traded for apple and pumpkin picking.
Pumpkin Picking 2010

Tank tops will be traded for sweaters, flip flops for boots.

Little Bug

The leaves will put on a spectacular show to rival any other time of the year. This is my favorite part of autumn.

Shawangunk Ridge, New Paltz, NY
I love autumn but I will definitely miss the summer.  I learned a lot this summer about patience.  I am well aware patience is not my strong suit but nature makes you patient.  You cannot hurry her, she will bloom when she is good and ready. We also have learned to slow down and take things one step at a time. This has taught me how to enjoy my family more and live in the moment. How to hug my kids tighter ever night and what they mean to me.  And how grateful I am for my husband.

This was a great summer!  I cannot wait to see what fall has in store for us this year!!  

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