New York Locavore Challenge

I don't normally blog on the weekends but this was just too exciting to wait until Monday!!

What have I gotten myself into now, you ask?  I have taken two pledges.....

I have taken the NOFA-NY Locavore Challenge. I am pledging to eat locally, organically and sustainably for the entire month of September!  I am so excited!  I just emailed NOFA to express interest in becoming a captain! I am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed!

I have also taken the Slow Food USA $5 Challenge! "Because slow food shouldn't cost more than fast food".  Slow Food USA is asking people to make a slow meal for under $5 per person on September 17th.   What is a slow meal you may ask?  It really is any meal that is homemade from start to finish.  Some great $5 slow meals are homemade pizzas, salads and pasta. And did you know that in most cities in the US it is easier to find a box of Fruit Loops than it is to buy fresh fruit?  This is really quite sad. Fresh, unprocessed food is not a privilege, it is necessity.  Fruit Loops are not nutritious in any way shape or form (sorry no matter what the packaging says, they are not). And by having fresh, organic, local fruits and veggies available to everyone (young, old, rich, poor), I really do believe we can get rid of a lot of these epidemics, like obesity and diabetes.

So join my family as we say no thank you to the supermarket and big box stores for the month to eat locally. And also as we challenge ourselves to eat for $5 a person on September 17th.  I cannot wait to blog about this adventure to you guys starting the first Monday and every Monday after that for the entire month of September. It's going to be a great (and busy) month of September!  I wonder if we can do it?  Or will we flop?  Stay tuned and see!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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