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I love decorating my home with yardsale/second hand/craigslist/ebay finds mainly because you can find some great stuff for great prices!  But I also love the history of used things.  You would be surprised to know that three quarters of the stuff I decorate my home with is second hand!  Since the Hubs and I agreed to be more frugal with our money this means that the expensive decorating catalogs are just not feasible anymore.  So I am trying to recreate some of the expensive stuff I find in catalogs.  The problem is I just sometimes lack the creativity to be, well, creative.  In all reality I don't consider myself to be very crafty at all!  But a change is in the air!  Look at what I made last week!

Yay!  I "love" it!  Haha! Sorry for the bad pun and crappy cell phone picture!  So, so easy to make, it only took me about two hours!  I will put up a tutorial along with the cost savings later this week!  I saw something similar on Pinterest except they covered canvases with scrapbooking paper so I thought why not these letters I found at Hobby Lobby! Voila! And I saved a TON of money!

I love Pinterest and how you can just "pin" images and links to your board so you can remember exactly where your inspiration came from.  Beware it is a time suck and once you start you may not stop!  A limit of one hour has turned into a half day of pinning for me.  Don't say I did not warn you!

Here is some of my inspirations!

I LOVE the way this looks!  It would make such a unique anniversary gift!
 My grandfather use to do this same thing on the ceiling in his garage with bolts, screws and nails!  What a great way to organize little odds and ends and recycle those baby food jars!
I do plan on doing this in my new family room!  Just trying to figure out the layout!!
This is really cool looking and super easy to do yourself!  I plan on doing this too for the girls playroom which is seriously lacking wall art!!

Will I ever get to all of these projects I pin?  Probably not.  But I love how I will never forget something that inspired me and where it came from!

I also like the fact that I can pin different room decorating ideas, books I like, recipes, places and so much more for later use.  No more binders, magazines or images to store and organize only to find that six months later you cannot remember why you saved it or where it came from.   

If you love Pinterest too please feel free to follow me by clicking the link to the right, I promise to do the same!  And if you are not on Pinterest there are two ways to join.  Either have someone already on Pinterest send you an invitation.  If you email me at I will happily send you an invite. Please just request invites to Pinterest, I don't need drugs for erectile dysfunction as I do not have the right equipment and I know I did not win the foreign lotto, thanks! Or you can request an invitation directly from Pinterest which normally takes about a week or so! 

Okay so I am off to become inspired and with the help of Pinterest the creative juices are flowing.....Happy pinning!

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