After the storm.....

Whew, we made it through the wrath of Irene, unscathed.  We have a not yet confirmed microburst or tornado that may have gone through the property behind us (only feet away from us!). The trickle stream that runs next to us is a raging river!  No electricity for 3 days.  But, nonetheless, we are safe and unharmed, damage can be repaired, things can be replaced.  We were lucky.  A few of our neighbors were not so lucky.  Whole towns have been devastated and they are saying it may be months before things are back to normal in these towns.  One of the towns lost their bridge and cannot find it.  No seriously, they think it is in one of the reservoirs.   I'll admit I chuckled when I heard that!

The stream on the side of our house
We however lost all of our perishables.  The fridge and freezer were full of leftovers, meals and the like.  I hurt so bad to throw out all that food.  I just couldn't feed it to my family though.

Yes, it's a mess but everything was still good
Three days without electric makes food no good!
Sorry no before picture of the freezer, but just picture it full!

Seriously this was so full I couldn't fit another thing in it!

Because we turned down the temperature beforehand a lot of the fruits and veggies froze. The freezer under the fridge is way more convenient except if the freezer gets too cold it freezes stuff in the fridge!

I am predicting food shopping in my near future....By myself with the kids.....This should be a hoot!

Please pray for me!!

If you were effected, how did you weather the storm?

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