I love this time of the year, all of the hard work of spring is finally paying off! 

This also means tomatoes!  That's not to say that other veggies get put on the back burner, I love corn and zucchini and just about every other vegetable on my plate.  But tomatoes are my favorite veggie and I could eat them all day!  I also have a special kind of love for tomatoes because they were the first vegetable I learned how to grow.  My grandfather taught me how to plant and take care of tomatoes during the summer he spent with us.  Yes he spent the summer with us while he was working in New York, I will never forget that summer! 

I sometimes feel my inner Bubba coming out as I think of all the delicious foods that contain these little red globes of sweet goodness......Tomato sandwiches, tomato soup, tomato sauce, chili, goulash, oh I could go on and on!! 

Fresh from the garden

I planted three different varieties this year, Black Krim, Amish Paste and a cherry variety I can never seemed to remember!  I have a TON of green tomatoes sitting on the vines and I also have picked a pretty good bounty over the past two weeks.  I have a feeling I will be rewarded very shortly!

I also love tomato salad and it is a very quick and easy recipe:


4-5 ripe tomatoes chunked or a pint of Cherry tomatoes halved
1/2 red onion sliced
2 roasted red peppers
1 lb of mozzarella (I use the small mozzarella balls but a 1 lb round chunked works too!)
1-2 cloves of garlic finely chopped
1 tbls Olive Oil
1/4 tsp Salt & Pepper

In a large bowl combine salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic let sit while preparing the rest of the salad.  Cut up tomatoes, onion, red peppers and mozzarella.  Combine tomatoes, onion, red peppers and mozzarella with the dressing and mix. Add basil right before serving.

Yum!  Can I eat my screen?
Now here is the thing, I never measure anything, I am a totally by taste person.  If you find you do not like something then omit it.  If you feel there is too much/too little of something reduce/add it.  I never make the same exact thing twice.  I am not a chef, I just love making fresh food for my family. 

What are your favorite tomato varieties or recipes? 

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