Kindergardens Week 18

I missed linking up to The Inadvertant Farmer last week due to no power.  So if you want to check out last weeks post and see my beautiful garden at night click here...

Saturday we went out to pick the stuff that was likely to be destroyed, I had an eggplant that was ready, some tomatoes and not much else.

My corn didn't fair very well in this storm.  In fact I lost pretty much all of it. I was really upset when I got up on Sunday to see my corn laying on it side like a bad comb over.

Bad comb over corn

I have a few more eggplants growing. Lots of strawberries for frozen yogurt pops!

Three pumpkins, I wonder if I throw them over the deck if I will get more next year!

I have been planning a new garden up front, I want to get rid of a a lot the grass.  It has been a fight between the Hubs and I for a few months! The Hubs loves his grass!  I hate the monoculture that is my front yard! I like to look outside to a vast variety of things, not just grass.  I want to start planning this now so I can start it next spring. I was thinking something like giant pumpkins, bean poles, etc.  But I am getting ahead of myself......

First I need to go pull some corn......

Stay tuned, I started the NOFA-NY Locavore Challenge.  I cannot wait to share all the details with you on Monday!!!


  1. Oh, bummer... the corn. Mine was laid flat from a thunderstorm earlier this summer. Early enough that it bounced back. I had to straighten each one up and pack dirt around the base.

  2. oh my! looks like you got more wind than we did. glad the rest of the garden made it through the storm okay!