Kindergardens Week 9

This weeks Kindergarden assignment is to show our gardens from our children's perspective. This was a ton of fun for my girls because they LOVE to steal my camera and take pictures of themselves!  If they weren't so stinkin' cute they may get in trouble for it! If someone stole my laptop they seriously would wonder why I have pictures of blurry little girls body parts......

Is it just me or does it seem like nothing is growing like it should?  My peppers and eggplants look way too small.  The corn looks on the smallish size too.  And really my beets and carrots just are not growing at all.  I was thinking next spring I will make seed tapes for the beets, carrots and radishes so I won't have to worry about overcrowding! 

The tomato and squash plants, on the other hand, have taken off like crazy!!  I tied the tomato plants to stakes last week and they were about half the size of the stakes.  This week they are almost as tall as the stakes!  I love tomatoes and I cannot wait to pick the first big juicy red globe of goodness!

We also found a little surprise!  I am not sure what it is but we have been filling in this spot in the yard with some leaves, dirt and various other types of fill all spring and the Hubs seems to think we threw our pumpkins off the deck into this spot last year.  I dunno know but I guess we will find out sometime in the fall!  It would be nice to not have to buy all those pumpkins this year!! 

Our roadside lillies finally bloomed.....I love these bright orange flowers!  I transplated this one this spring after it had sprouted leaves and it bloomed.

The girls loved taking pictures of the strawberries.  We still have a few ripening in the beds.

Our lettuce is looking good.....

We had a lot of fun doing this, I think I was more excited than the girls were!  Every week when we walk out there it amazes me how much things have grown and how much closer we are to having fresh, untouched, organic food!  I cannot wait to have the first ear of corn or ripe tomato!  I can practically taste it now!

Hope everyone else had a great week of gardening!  I know we did!  Have a safe and happy 4th!


  1. Don't corn is about 10x bigger than ours!

    Your girls are simply just too cute and your garden looks just great! I think sometimes I'm more excited about the garden growth than anyone else too...must be a mama thing! Kim

  2. great post! we have a surprise plant too - not sure if it's pumpkin or some kind of gourd.

    our ditch lilies are blooming, too - kiddo thinks they are "really beautiful!"

    great pics! loved taking the tour of your garden. :)

  3. Your lettuce looks fantastic!

    Roadside lily...ditch lily...
    My grandmother called them swamp lilies.
    Love the different names!

  4. Cute girls! Love their pics :) We've considered seed tape, too - I hate thinning out the overcrowded sproutlets. I think your plants look exactly the size they should be - definitely bigger than most of ours yet

  5. I cannot wait to taste our veggies, either. I'm starting to get impatient! If you do the seed tape, write a tutorial on it. I've never heard of it and may need to google it! Our carrots are growing, but they're all stuffed together (that's what happens when you let a 3-year-old plant them, I guess)!

  6. I love how everything is so well spaced in your beds! I like order in the garden, but of course that is soon displaced by the growth which we need more than the order! Cute self photos--really funny that you have "blurry little girl's body parts" photos! Kids do the darndest things!

  7. Your orange lilies are soooo pretty. Love them!

    You're not the only one with a slow growing garden. Ack. I've got my fingers crossed for a long warm autumn.