What a busy week!

Sorry for not posting anything for a few days, we have been busy here!!

We have been busy with the chickens who like to eat the bugs in the field on the other side of the road.  Anyone else see the irony in this?!  And yes we too have been making lots of "Why did the chickens cross the road" jokes this week!  Agnes is still a ham and is the leader of the pack.

We also have been busy cleaning the house, which has been neglected , badly, for the past two months.  No we aren't leaving food on tables or garbage all over.  I just haven't dusted, scrubbed floors, wash down the bathrooms, clean my bedroom and the girls room.  We have kept it pretty tidy, if you showed up at my house today it's clean just not my kind of clean.  But hey we have been working outside trying to make food and chickens grow for two months!  Sometimes cleaning just becomes secondary!

We are also busy getting ready to take the girls on a hike this week.  The Hubs and Little Bird love to hike and he has always wanted to take us hiking, real hiking, not rail trail or walkway hiking, but real in the woods on a path hiking.  Little Bug is not a hiker, not at all!  Walking is not her thing, thank goodness for backpacks!!  We decided that if all goes well this Friday morning we will make this a weekly thing!  I can't wait to share the pictures! 

We are also busy with Little Birds 5th birthday next week!  I cannot believe she is 5......I have been asking myself where the time has gone!  People keep telling me to wait until she is 18 or graduates high school.  I still have 6 years before I worry about that!  My little Peanut is 11......And not so little anymore!  She will be graduating in 6 years, when the time comes I will probably lock myself in my bedroom and cry for days.....   

So this week was busy, busy with life, some fun things and some not so fun things!  I love our little life and I wouldn't change it for a single thing!! 

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