I promised you a little more information on Kindergardens.........If you want to join please head over to The Inadvertent Farmer!

I love Kindergardens, I really just love the premise get your kids involved with gardening and giving back to the community! A garden is such a  simple and fun thing to do with your children.  It really teaches them valuable life lessons on where their food comes from! We have also been given a challenge to give back to our community.  Our extras will go to the Queens Galley here in the Hudson Valley. 1 in 6 Americans struggle with not having enough to eat, that, in my opinion, is 1 too many.  No one, child, adult or senior citizen, should ever have to wonder where their next meal is coming from.  To me it's such a shame that a first world country even has this statistic.

My kids use to think tomatoes only came from the supermarket!  But ours are starting to flower!

We harvested one radish, it was small but tasty, Hopefully we will have some more in the coming days!

Little Bug pick one of the strawberries it was not quite ripe yet but she insisted and gobbled it right up!  Our strawberries are new in our garden this year so they did not produce as much as I thought they would so we had to go to the farm to get a good supply for preserves. I am very glad we have all of these farms around us!  Oh well maybe our strawberries will give us something next year!

Our not quite ripe yet strawberry.  Little Bug ate it anyway......

Mud puddles at the farm!


Glad we picked enough to make preserves!

I need to figure out how to keep the area cats out of my raised beds, I keep finding little "presents", the hubs solution is electric fence.  Maybe I will get some netting to put over the beds.

The chickens will hopefully start giving us eggs in either July or August.  We really do enjoy the gals and Little Bird really watches over them, she is a great chicken farmer!  For now they run wild all around the yard and get into almost everything!  I am glad they do not get into the raised beds, yet......

The hubs holding Lovely Rita......


Edith and Agnes......

All in all it was a great week for us here!  Lots of stuff is growing away and hopefully by the end of the summer we will have a bounty of goodies to eat and share with our community!


  1. welcome to kindergardens! i love your cute garden - it looks great!! we can fully commiserate with the cat problem. we've been using nets, although my hubby is thinking along the same lines as yours. :)

    love the names of your chickens! they are perfect. we were going to start with chickens this year but kind of ran out of time and enthusiasm. hopefully next year. but i already have a running list of names for our girls, whenever they do arrive, haha!

    looking forward to watching your garden grow this summer. :)

  2. Thanks! I am very happy to have happened upon kindergardens!

    We do enjoy our chickens! So far I only named three, I watch them so see what kind of personality they have! We are hoping to get some more next spring, along with ducks and turkeys.

    I am thinking the netting is going to be our best bet! We have raised beds with landscaper fabric on the bottom so I only have to worry about the animals above ground! Found a half eaten ripe strawberry yesterday! UGH!

    I also look forward to watching everyone's garden grow and maybe learning a thing or two!

  3. oh i can't wait to go strawberry picking! what did you do with your haul? :) Thanks for sharing with us this week!

  4. Welcome to KinderGardens!

    Your chickens are very cute. Ours roam around the yard too. They do get into things, but I find it really pays off in terms of tick control and tasty eggs.

    Your raised beds are just beautiful! You have a great start to your garden. :)

  5. Lovely kids, garden and chickens!

  6. Thank you everybody for the kind words! It is strawberry season here in NY we only made preserves with our whole lot! Although it may be more like strawberry syrup, this was the first time I canned anything by myself, I used honey instead of sugar and no pectin. So I think that if I am going to make jam with honey I will need to use pectin! Trial and error! We really do love the chickens and really cannot wait for fresh eggs!