Oh you eat organic? Must be nice....

Yes actually it is nice........I would even go as far to say it is delightful!  So there stick that in your big, fat, GM, frankenfood, frog leg corn chip and smoke it. I know low blow but I have good reason!  

I was called a demented leftist crunchy nut the other day, I don't agree with it because my political beliefs have little to do with my food convictions.  Yes, I have to fight for my right to eat the foods I want, the way I want but they do not drive my decisions for going organic.  I have my reasons for eating organic.  They are mine, not yours. I don't shame you as you buy your chemical filled fruits, chicken, pork and beef, don't shame me because I choose not to.  Don't tell me that knowing my food is wrong and I am demented for wanting to see my food alive and thriving before killing it.  I don't look at it that way. And I certainly don't beat you up because you don't care where your food comes from or how it was treated.....

There are a lot of different reasons to eat organically and everyone has their own reason.  In a nutshell, it is my personal belief that eating organically and sustainability are key to leading a healthy lifestyle.  I feel better when I eat this way and so does my family.  The rules in our house are to eat local if we can but always organic.  If we cannot find it organic we just don't eat it.  We eat lots of fruits and veggies, drink raw milk, eat organic local honey, and make a lot of our own food.  I make bread and crackers at least once a week.  I am working on a whole wheat organic chocolate chip cookie recipe that uses honey instead of white sugar.  I'll let you know how that goes in a later post!

A healthy lifestyle also means healthy for the planet too!  So what would happen if food would not grow anymore?  What if water was undrinkable?  What if we could not cure simple infections? These are very real questions in my mind and a thing I believe can happen if we are not careful about the types of chemicals we put in the ground or our body, whether directly or indirectly.  Keeping the earth healthy is the key to our very survival, yet most people don't care that we waste more or use more chemicals than we did even 100 years ago.  Our planet is in a very sad state of affairs people!  Time to wake up and smell the roses cause one day it will be too late!

Ok here's my take on chemicals in our food, call me crunchy if you want........Just because you can't see the chemicals on your food does not mean it is not effecting you.  If you could see bacteria on your food and you knew it was harmful, even deadly, would you eat it?  Probably not. If someone poured bleach, glue or that pine scented cleaner on your food before serving it to you would you eat it?  Again probably not.  Well guess what if you are eating the non organic meat from the supermarket you are eating at least the bleach, the glue and the e. coli.  They still keep the pine scented stuff in aisle 7 for now.  And even then I do not trust the supermarkets organic selection because I cannot go to the farm and see the food. And now we are finding out that Big Ag has it's big ol' dirty hands (read: adgenda) in organic and some things are not as organic as the label says.  Everything we put into our body has a reaction, good or bad.  In my opinion we just do not know enough about the chemicals we put in our foods to say with certainty they are safe for human or animal consumption.

So I say stop picking on people who eat organically, let us eat the way we see fit.  I won't let anyone tell me what is good for me or my family.  And I won't tell anyone, who is not willing to listen, what is good for theirs!

Do you eat organically or local or both? Or not? What are your reasons for doing so? 


  1. Anne, people are animals. We have always known this to be true, but it seems like as economy continues to crash, & the planet continues to spiral out of control, we as human beings have turned on those animal instincts & worped them with human cruelty & insensitivity. Your not a leftist crunch nut, & even if you are, your true friends love the nut in you!
    Now, as for eats, we have not made a switch to organic, we do eat local, & I shop farm market 1st, prefer my meat from the farm, & or course home made/ home grown is always the smartest choice in my opinion. I'm not sure Shawn's sweet tooth would survive organic switch. He has to eat his snacks & cookies otherwise he is a crank! But I love the blogs, great ideas, & great read, so keep it up girl! xoxo

  2. We eat organically. Everything. Organic.

    I spend a lot more on groceries than many people. A lot more. I have been on the receiving end of some less than kind comments. The most important job that I have, is to keep my family healthy. I do not beleive that the FDA is my friend, they don't care about my family. Their intre$t$ lie elsewhere.

    The money I spend on keeping my family healthy, by feeding them nutritious, whole, natural, organic foods is an investment. More of an investment than a trip to Disney, another tv in the house, designer clothes or a fancy car.

    My kids are not missing out. They get freshly baked bread, cookies, crackers, granola bars, they eat yummy jam, pizza, tortillas and homegrown veggies from the garden. They are hard to impress. They know that homemade always tastes better, and they can taste the difference.

    They see me work a 40 hour week, tend a big garden, cook healthful meals every day, and spend my entire Sunday shopping and baking for the week.

    My children's lives are precious. They see how important they are to me. When they are out of my house, they can eat what they want; but I hope that by then they won't want to live any other way. Fingers crossed.

  3. Amen Chandra! Are you sure we weren't separated at birth? I am just tired of the ridicule, I don't understand how people think I doing something wrong when I only want my family to be healthy and happy. I care what goes into their little bodies and I only want the very best food for them!

  4. You cannot put a price on your health...rock on sister!!! Kim

  5. I'd love to have your cracker recipe!
    We have decided not to eat an animal we didn't know. That way we know it lived a good, healthy life before we put it into our body. It doesn't mean we are cruel, it means we take care of what is living!

  6. It's funny I asked my husband last night if I was crazy for wanting to know what I am eating and where it came from and of course he reassured me I am not crazy! He's good like that!

    The cracker recipe is a wheat thin style cracker I got it off of another blog....It is incredibly simple to make and delicious!!

    She has TONS of recipes for everything from yogurt to a complete dinner!