A birthday note to my Little Bird......

Little Bird,

You are turning 5.  I just know this will be a great year for you!  You begin Kindergarten in September and will make a bunch of new little friends.  You will have homework and learn lots of really wonderful things like the weather, the alphabet, numbers and how to read......I know school will be no trouble for you because you are a very bright little girl!

You are also charming, sweet, beautiful and caring!  I love that you have spunk (yes, spunk), you are not afraid to try new things and give your Mama a heart attack every chance you get!  I absolutely love this about you and encourage you to keep trying new things even if it means giving your Mama a heart attack!  If you want to be a skydiving-race car driving-dare devil-princess then by all means, I am sure by the time you are old enough to do this I will have gotten over it......Probably not.

Our lives forever changed when you arrived!  You are an amazing, precious little gift and we could not imagine our life without you.  Always remember that.....

I hope you enjoy your birthday my dear sweet princess.  We love you no matter what!  You are an important member of this family!  Your family is the most precious thing in the world, without them you are nothing.  I hope you enjoy your very special day!


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