Oh so happy for Friday!

Enough grumpy, grouchy rants!!  On to the good stuff!!! Just a quick update, well an update none the less because this week was full of good and fun stuff!

We are refinishing our basement so it looks less like a basement and more like a oasis for our family.  Things are moving right along after the brief (by brief I mean long) break we took in early spring/late spring/early summer so we could get some of our yardwork and gardening done.  But now the babies birthdays are coming up next month there is a renewed feeling of getting our butts in gear!  Thankfully we have enlisted some help and really I am grateful to have the help right now!! We are really blessed with a wonderful circle of friends! I am hoping to start painting next week, fingers crossed.

Little Bird graduated from pre-school and Little Bug graduated from daycare up to pre-school.  In case you don't know my two little ones were born 1 year and 16 days apart.  It's kind of like twins except twins are a little easier, in my opinion, because they go through things kind of at the same time, Irish twins do not!  Just as one is getting out of one phase the other one is getting into that phase!  I have my hands very full and am very blessed to have three beautiful, healthy and happy girls!  They had a little ceremony at daycare, no parents, but the teacher took lots of pictures!  The girls had a fun day!  I cannot believe in a little over 2 months Little Bird starts kindergarten.  And my littlest baby is growing up too!  Feels like we brought them home just yesterday!  It's funny how these things sneak up on you!  

I am very, very excited to tell you I have joined the cutest little contest called Kindergardens. Check out Kim's wonderful and informative blog over at The Inadvertent Farmer!  I will have more details about Kindergardens over the weekend!! 

Ahh spring/summer time can only mean one thing........Frank the flower guy!  They are really great to us over at Paradise Perennials.  I found him on Craigslist last year and I will tell you what I will NEVER go to to those home improvement stores again!  Frank is our flower guy from now on!  Oh and you should check out is wife Scarlett's website she make some of the most beautiful rescued glassware for your blooms!  If you happen to live in the Hudson Valley, they are right in Tillson. Seriously two of the nicest, most sincere people I have ever met!  Thanks again Frank and Scarlett for the garlic chives, spiderwort, daylillies, and bee balm!!  I always support local businesses, they are the crux of our economy!

Last night the hubs, the girls and I enjoyed our first campfire of the year!  Mmmmmm toasted marshmallows are good.  I gave in to my rules of organics last night because 1. I know how to make marshmallows 2. they are such a pain to make!  3. a campfire is nothing without marshmallows.  It was nice to sit and sing campfire songs, toast marshmallows and just be together! 

We also went back to the dairy farm yesterday for more milk. The baby calf has not been born yet but the guy there says it could be any day now!  The girls and I can't wait to go back and see the newest edition to the farm!

Alright well that is it for now, stay tuned this weekend for more about Kindergardens!

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