Little moments that become big memories........

Anne Park said "Sometimes the best moments happen on the unplanned, and the greatest regrets happen on not reaching what is planned."   No truer words have been spoken.  Since we started slowing down and focus more on us as a whole, I have noticed more and more of these little unexpected moments.  Sometimes they are bursts of giggles as the girls play in the other room.  Or when we water the garden and it turns into an inpromptu water fight.  Don't get me wrong we will continue to have some structure in our evenings but to me these little moments when nothing was planned seem to be the best memories I have. 

The girls and I visited a dairy farm.  I planned on going there to get fresh milk, I didn't expect it to be a moment....I picked the girls up from school.  We had to run out to get milk and we were going to a farm to get it, not the store.  The whole ride there little bird and little bug kept excitedly asking if we were at the milk factory yet. I had to explained over and over that this was not a milk factory it was a dairy farm and milk factories do get their milk from dairy farms, just not this one in particular.  When we pulled up little birds first reaction was "Ewwww this smells bad!"  If you have never had this experience before there is a pungent odor that come from a dairy farm but sweetie this is what a dairy farm smells like. I agree with little bird it doesn't smell pleasant but I have smelled far worse! We met Cyndi who owns the farm along with her husband Frank.  Such a nice family!  We were invited to go and meet/pet the cows.  When the girls saw the little calves their little eyes lit right up! "Those babies are so cute" they said in harmony!  And there were the cows, Holsteins to be exact.  These beautiful ladies were happy to let the girls pet them!  They tickled the girls little tiny hands with their huge tongues.  The girls bursted into laughter!  They watched as the cows happily chewed their cud asking them if they liked their bubble gum!  We said goodbye to the cows and went back into the store room and purchased 2 gallons of fresh milk (in half gallon glass jars, no plastic!) to take home.  The girls chatted almost the whole ride home about the cows and their adventure at the farm.  They asked it we could get a cow. "No, not this year" I retorted, in all reality we will never get a cow, I don't have anywhere to put a cow.  I will be happy going to the little farm in the next town over.  At our house everyday is a learning day and that day little bird and little bug went to the dairy farm but they got so much more than a tour. They got to know and touch their food, they had a personal experience with it. It's nice to know where our food comes from and the family who provides it to us.

When I got home we got busy with dinner, watering the gardens, bedtime, and our nightly book that I forgot all about the events of the day.  In the quiet of the evening as I looked back on the days events I realized this was one of those moments.    Something had unexpectedly become a great memory for us.

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