A photographic journal of sorts.........

So yesterday I did something I haven't done in a really long time.  I went out and took photos of around my property. I love taking pictures of plants. First plants do not move and these photos always come out much better than my people photos! Second, it gives me a kind of visual journal of everything from year to year.

I was glad that it was nap time for Little Bug (boy did she need the nap yesterday!).  I grabbed my camera and with Little Bird in tow we set out on our little backyard adventure to take great pictures of all the plants and animals around the house.  She gave up on taking photos with me after about 5 minutes of me telling her no she could not touch the camera. Her birthday is coming up next month and she loves taking pictures so this gave me a great idea for a useful birthday present.

First place we went was the garden in front of the house.  The roses are beginning to bloom and their perfume-y  fragrance fills the air.  

I realized that something was eating the leaves on the rose bushes.  So I flipped over a few leaves and finally found a little fat yellow worm munching away happily on one of the leaves.  Note to self, need to find something to keep little yellow worm from happily munching.....I am kind of partial to my roses, they were all Mother's Day gifts from the kids.

I have three rhododendron bushes in front of the house too.  While the bushes are almost done blooming for the year the bees still love, love, love this bush, as do the hummingbirds.  While it is in bloom the bush is buzzing (pun intended) with all these big fat bumble bees tirelessly collecting pollen.  They kept working even though I invaded their space.

Then Little Bird and I decided to go to the raised beds.  We planted three varieties of strawberries in our raised beds this spring, Earliglow, Tribute and Northeastern.  But they won't yield anything sizable this year so I was surprised to find some of the buds swollen with either flowers and fruit.  Yum, I can hardly wait until these sweet little red jewels of deliciousness are ready to pick, even if I only get a few!  

We planted Moon and Stars watermelon this year and it is coming in quite nicely.  They just popped out of the dirt about 2 weeks ago so no fruit yet but hopefully during those dog days of August we will be able to enjoy some crisp, cool, refreshing watermelon.

And finally a few chicken pictures.  This blog would not be complete without chicken pictures.  Normally my little gals hide under the deck and just hang out in that general area.  But some of them have become a little bolder in the past few days and have ventured out into the yard. 

How do you track your gardens progress from year to year?  Do you keep a journal or take photos? 

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  1. Nice & light write Anne, really enjoyed it! It was nice to see some shots of you & your families hard work. I think that's a wonderful idea for a gift, & the party theme as well! You could use photos you take with her as your invites for the party, & even find cleaver ways to use some blown up photos as decor (which would later double nicely as wall hangings in the girls' room or around the kitchen!)!!