Oh rain, rain, go away, well maybe today was a good day for rain

I had plans today.  Plans to get out and make trellises for my beans and stake up my tomatoes. But my plans were foiled. I thought about dodging rain drops and just doing it but it was cold and crappy out.  I know excuses, excuses......

I did however make homemade liquid laundry soap.  I got the recipe off of , I used recipe number 1.  It is so much cheaper than buying Tide and I know exactly what is in it, water, lavender castile soap, washing soda and borax. It seriously took me 20 minutes and a 5 gallon bucket with a lid and I was done!  I just used it for the first time on some towels I washed, they appear and smell clean. There is no actual scent but they don't smell like dirty towels! And be warned this soap does not suds up like commercial laundry soap but so far it looks like it does the job!  Also you could add regular white vinegar in lieu of fabric softener and it will be the cheapest load of laundry you have done in a while!  The cost?  Just about $8 for about 2 1/2 gallons of soap.  So that is 320 fl. oz. divided by $8, that's $.40 an ounce.  320 ounces is 40 cups and you use 1/4 cup of detergent per load that's 160 loads of laundry!  You use 2 ounces per load so it cost me $.80 for just the detergent to do laundry!  Sorry you cannot find a deal like that anywhere!! So far, so good and I will keep you updated!

Tomorrow maybe the weather will get better and I will be able to get out and get my gardening done!

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  1. THIS IS GREAT!!!! Where do you get washing soap? I would love to start this project, especially since I just bought two big bottles of arm & hammer (on sale) & they are practically gone! LOL- like I said, mom & laundry.....
    This is a great forum/blog & I hope to see more of these posts!
    I myself hit a great sale on buttermilk, ricotta, & ground sausage yesterday. A 1 lb pack of sausage was $1 & did not expire for 3 more days! FREEZER!!! Same for my other finds. Ricotta will be great for lasagna or baked ziti, & my buttermilk will be put to use on biscuits, waffles, breads, & much more! I scored some wonderful cook books which are very old, from a rummage sale, filled an entire grocer bag for $1! As I sat looking through some today I thought, these recipes are the best investment I made all year!
    I do have a new project you might help with. We have little sand ants all over up here (beach sand is all over this area), as well as big carpenter ants. I'm looking for something I can mop the hard wood floors with, which is safe for Aiden, but that will also keep ants at bay. I have read they do not like certain herbs/oils, & was going to toy with making a floor cleaner. Any ideas? You are amazing at finding these kinds of things so maybe you would help me come up with a liquid floor cleaner? xoxo