Kindergarden Week 8

Our family has had one of those weeks. The hubs and Little Bird hit a deer driving home on Father's Day, the girls were sick most of the week so we had to switch up taking days off from work, the chicken coop leaked water in the one side and I lost Photoshop along with some of my pictures. It is weeks like this that you seem to miss all the little things that matter in life so I need to take a deep breath, step back for a moment and relax.  The hubs and Little Bird are safe, the car can be fixed, the girls only had a minor illness, we are working on the chicken coop and I am reloading Photoshop right now.  Just breathe........

This week with the girls being sick and the humidity and the rain we didn't get outside that much.  We harvested some more radishes and strawberries. We actually had the radishes in our salad last night!

The chicken coop leaked on the one side and Agnes is such a ham, she came running over as soon as she saw the camera........

We found a ladybug hanging around.  I love ladybugs, not only are they cute bugs, they are beneficial insects.  

This week the girls learned how to tell it was the end of the day by looking at certain flowers.  Spiderwort and primroses are great time tellers!  It is about 5:30 pm when the spiderwort closes up, 6:30 when the primrose closes and 8:30 when the chickens come home!!

The last picture had nothing to do with Kindergardens, it is the Shawangunk Mountain range and it acts as a reminder to me to stop and enjoy all of the beauty that surrounds us. God has given us so many blessings! Have a great week everyone!  


  1. hope this week goes more smoothly! your radishes are quite impressive

  2. it always helps to look at the blessings...I hate doing laundry but at least I have clothes to wash. glad everyone is ok now.

  3. oh no! the photoshop fiasco would have had me in tears. hope things are a little easier this week.

    love your flower and chicken "clocks" - who needs a watch? :)

  4. I am so sorry you had a rough week...I hope this week goes swimmingly for you!

    Perfect way to tell time in the summer...just perfect! Kim