I have time.......

School started today.  Little Bird started Kindergarten.  Yes, I cried.  I cried the night before as I read her a book about going to Kindergarten, I cried as I tucked her in and told her how happy she makes me, I cried as I got her dressed in the morning and I cried as I watched my baby get on that bus and magically turn into a little big girl.  It was heartbreaking!

My mom said to me yesterday that I should treasure these moments because before I know it she will graduate and go off to college.  I have time I thought to myself.....

Hours old sweet little baby Grace
No, I don't have time.  I remember five years ago adoring this brand new little life and thinking to myself five years is such a long time from now. We have time....We witnessed first smiles, giggles and teeth.  We watched as she crawled then walked then ran.  We were amazed as she cooed then babbled then spoke.  We have time I thought.....We were blown away as she recognized letters, numbers, colors and animals.  As she wrote her name over and over with great precision, as if she knew how to do it from day one. As she read short stories to us from memory.  We are absolutely stunned by how fast five years went.  And now she is off to start a new adventure called school, without her Mama there to help her.  It's one of the many things I will have to let her go and do, by herself.  It's hard for me to let her grow up, I think it is a hard thing for any Mama to do.
Little Bird's first day of Kindergarten!
Time just goes so fast that before I know it five years turns into ten, fifteen, twenty....Then she will be all grown up, starting new adventures and leaving my "nest" to test the waters on her own.  I have time.....No, I really don't.  But I promise to treasure her achievements as they happen and make sure she knows that her Mama is there for her, no matter what.

She couldn't wait to get on the bus!  She is dragging me!
I know that someday, a long time from now, my children will come to appreciate what I am going through.  I will be there to remind them to treasure the moments because they do not last forever.  And they will think "We have time".....Silly girls.

So I hope that Peanut, Little Bird and Little Bug have a great first day of school/preschool and I hope they always remember......I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck, a hug around the neck and a barrel and a heap, a barrel and a heap and I am talking in my sleep about yooooou, yes about you, my hearts a leaping, having trouble sleeping, cause I love you a bushel and a peck, you bet your pretty neck I do!

P.S. This is the best song ever!  I have sung it to my sweet little girls for a long time!  

Hope all the kids enjoy their first day of school and the parents remember to slow down and treasure every little moment!   

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