The last Kindergardens of the season....

Wow!  Kindergardens has finally come to an end!  It felt like this summer just whizzed on by!  It was great seeing other gardens and watching our children learn about how to tend a garden.  Even though it was hard work, we had so much fun in our garden this year!  We are not quite done harvesting yet!

I was so excited to find that 2 of our pumpkins were ready to be harvested.  The other 2 are still green and small but there is still hope they will turn before it get too cold!  This was our surprise harvest. We never planted pumpkins they germinated all by themselves from last years pumpkins, which we threw over the deck once they went past their prime!  Surprise! These will be our carving pumpkins for Halloween!

Our  pumpkins Jack and O' Lantern! 

We have been trying to get out to pick the tomatoes as well as the rest of the garden, but this rain!  We may have to build an ark soon!  20+ inches in two months, CRAZY!! A lot of my cherry tomatoes have big splits in them and if I remember correctly this means that they were over watered.  Sigh....oh well, the chickens have been eating them so I don't feel like they are completely wasted.  I am trying to pick them green and ripen them inside to see if this helps a little.  We did find a late zucchini and were very happy since the deer got into most of the plants!

Little Bug helping with harvesting!  

As for the chickens, no more casualties yet and no eggs. Thank you to everyone who emailed me with advice on how to keep a handle on this!  It was so appreciated!  We have been trying to find someone who has gals already laying eggs for sale.  We thought we found a guy up in Tannersville, we had some conversations but then he never wrote me back to schedule a pick up. Then a friend (and fellow chicken owner) offered to get a phone number for her friend in Gardiner (which is much closer), I will see her today and hopefully she will have the number!  So hopefully in the next week or so we will have chickens that actually lay eggs!

It is almost the end of the summer growing season, what are you happy to have harvested.  Did you have a surprise harvest like we did?


  1. Surprise harvests are the best! We had volunteer squash, too - love those volunteers :) Enjoy your pumpkins, they look beautiful

  2. Lovely pumpkins! Hope you can dodge drops to get those tomatoes!

  3. Surprise pumpkins! How wonderful! I end up picking a lot of our tomatoes green and they ripen up just fine in the house. I know it's not quite the same nutritional content etc, but still... we grew them. :)

    Good luck with finding a few mature hens! I'd send some over to you if we were closer.

  4. awesome pumpkins! we had a few surprise pumpkins, too, but ours are much smaller. good luck with the chickens (and eggs)!