A pup named Bronwyn

This past weekend while we were apple picking at Liberty View Farm, we passed a yard sale.

The Hubs saw the sign for a dog and wanted to stop.  The sign read "Free to a good home, 10 month old half boxer, half coon hound." I wanted a little time to think about a new dog.

That Sunday we were back in the area (not really but somehow we "magically" ended up over that way) and he wanted to just see the dog.

Yup we are the proud owners of that half Coon Hound, half Boxer 10 month old puppy.  She is such a sweet dog!  Her name is Bronwyn.

Unfortunately our Bronwyn is not quite a whiz yet....She is not housebroken or trained.  This is very frustrating!

But how could you not love that face!  And her nubby little tail!

Our other two (yes two, we are crazy I guess) dogs are taking it okay.  Bronwyn is full of energy and is ready to play all hours of the day! She is going to begin obedience training starting next week.  I really hope this helps us be able to deal with her overly energetic self.  After all she is just a puppy!

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