Two for the price of one veggies

No there isn't a sale at the local farmers market!  But maybe someone should tell them they are just giving away some of the best parts of the plants! In my last post someone commented on not knowing that radish leaves were edible.  That got me thinking about what other types of vegetables have a "two for the price of one" deal.  

I love beet tops and radish leaves with a little olive oil and garlic.  Very tasty!  If you have never tried you most definitely should.  For the radishes use the smaller leaves, the larger ones have this prickly coating and it feels like you are eating fiber glass.  Yuck! 

Here is the table I found in the April 2002 issue of Vegetable Production & Marketing News.  I don't know that I will try everything on the list but it is always good to know!

VegetableCommon Edible PartsOther Edible Parts
Beans, snappod with seedsleaves
Beans, limaseedspods, leaves
Broccoliflowerleaves, flower stem
Cauliflowerimmature flowerflower stem, leaves
Celeryleaf stemsleaves, seeds
Corn, sweetseedsyoung ears, unfurled tassel, young leaves
Cucumberfruit with seedsstem tips and young leaves
Eggplantfruit with seedsleaves edible but not flavorful
Kohlrabiswollen stemleaves
Okrapods with seedsleaves
Onionsrootyoung leaves
Peas, Englishseedspods, leaves
Peas, Southernseeds, podsyoung leaves
Pepperpodsleaves after cooking, immature seeds
Potatoes, Sweetrootsleaves and stem shoots
Squashfruit with seedsseeds, flowers, young leaves
Tomatofruits with seedsleaves contain alkaloids
Watermelonfruit -- interior pulp and seedsrind of fruit

Do you have a favorite "two for" vegetable?  If so please share, along with a recipe!

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