Feeling inspired

Last week I came across this blog......  It made me think about how as a society we are absorbed with technology and that we don't actually live in the moment.  And more often than not we stop and make a piece of technology more important than our own families.  

We live a slowed down version of life.  I am not one to run around all day long. The kids are limited on how many activities they can do in one season.  Dinner is a family event that happens together at our dining room table just about every night.  We have no TV's in bedrooms.  TV is at a minimum in our house because we do not have cable.  We spend a lot of time together doing activities.  So we thought we were doing good until I started reading the Hands Free Mama blog.  AHHHH!  We use technology all the time.  Our phones are constantly interrupting dinner, I look at it while Little Bird is playing t-ball, and some nights it feels as if the phones have replaced our TV.  If there is a lull in the activity we pull out our phones.

I felt so inspired by this blog to change the way I live, I want to live in the moment, not just my children but all relationships.

I feel the need to exposed all of my flaws for the world to see and I want to do something about it.  My family and I are going to try and go "hands free" for at least 3-4 hours a night.  This will mean turning off all of the notifications for 3-4 hours to live and savor each and every precious moment.  This will mean being present with my family and engaging uninterrupted, meaningful conversations with my children.  I want to live in the moment.  I only get one chance to live this life, I might as well be present while doing it!

Oh and on another note.........We got these little cuties this past weekend!  As soon as this stinky rain clears up and I can get some better pictures, I will write up a post!!


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