Tis the season

Tis the season to cook and clean and buy and spent and.......

Sound familiar?  It happens.  We get so consumed with perfection we forget what the holidays are all about. The perfect dinner, the perfect gift, a perfectly clean house.....I will be the first one to admit I strive for perfection.  I like my holidays to go smoothly and I hate to be in a big rush.  How do you avoid this?  Well for me I just plan ahead, I make lists of all the stuff that needs to get done and then break it down into something that can be done however many days ahead of time.

Last night I roasted my pumpkins for pie and began cutting out fabric for a yo-yo garland I am making.  Today when I get home from work I will probably seed and peel my pumpkins. And since I need to pick up the Hubs later I may bring my knitting or sewing with me to get a little done on the ride home. Tomorrow I have to make a dessert for Little Birds Thanksgiving Dessert party on Friday.  We will get some cleaning done when the Hubs is off for his two pass days.  I have been doing a few small upkeep chores before I go into work that have to get done but allow me the time in the afternoon to do some bigger cleaning tasks.  Planning ahead makes me less stressed about getting things done.

I know from now until after New Year's our weekends will be packed with parties, baking, wrapping, shopping, and preparing that I get really stressed out.  Last year I was given the best advice.  Take a life break for the entire month of January.  No parties, running around, baking, etc.  I felt so much better that I took the time to relax and enjoy my weekends.  This was the best advice ever!!  Thanks Karen!

Another thing I need to remember is to step back and enjoy.  Imperfections and all.  Remember, no one will remember that you didn't wrap their gift like Martha Stewart.  Or that the cookies were a tad overcooked.  Or you forgot the gravy......Wait, no my family still hasn't let me live that one down.  What they will remember is that they had a wonderful time with their friends and family.  And really isn't this what the holidays are all about?

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