Ahhh vacation!

Who doesn't love vacation?  I could spend my life on the beach.  There was nothing like the smell of the ocean and listening to the waves crash on the shore.  We even got to see some dolphins swimming around.  I took pictures of everything!!

The kids spent a whole week in Wildwood, NJ, the Hubs and I came down and joined them later that same week.  It was nice that the Hubs and I got a little alone time.  We tend to put ourselves last for just about everything and it was nice to just focus on one another.

Anywhoo!!  We went on a bike ride on Friday morning and I gave Little Bird the camera.  She took some awesome pictures of the boardwalk.  Bug had my cousins camera so she was happy.  I love Bird's perspective, take a look!!

Pretty good for a six year old, right?

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