A contest!

Hi everyone!  I am so excited to tell you all about my new series of posts.  I just haven't figure out what to call the series!  I am at a loss for a catchy name and I need your help!  More about that in a minute......


First let's take a moment and look at what we picked this weekend!  Yummmmmmm!

This picture was brought to you by Little Bird, Little Bug, and our backyard strawberry patch, now on to our regularly schedule program!


Last year I participated in a blog series called Kindergardens.  I met other like minded parents who loved gardening and getting their children involved.  What a great time we had celebrating and commiserating with each other over our children and our gardens. I was all geared up for this year.  Then I found out it is not going to happen.  I wrote to Kim to see if I could continue the series but sadly have not heard back from her and she has not posted to her own blog for months.  I really hope Kim and her family are doing well and this is only a hiatus!  I really did love posting each week about all that was going on in my garden.  I would be lying if I said I was not bummed about the series not continuing.

Kindergardens was about teaching our children where our food comes from through experience.  Sadly most children do not know that their food starts on a farm.  But by getting our children involved we can change that and maybe get them to eat more of their veggies!  I plan on posting this every Wednesday during the growing season with different themes for each week.  

But then I thought why not just continue with the premise but call it something different?  Kindergardens is a super creative name and I do not take things without permission.  Maybe someday Kim will be back and will want to start doing Kindergardens again.

What should I name the series though?  I have been stumped for DAYS!

So, I thought I would let you guys name the series for me.  Please think of a title that is relevant to the series which is kids and parents gardening together.  It can be anything, including a short phrase or acronym but no longer than four words. No profanity, vulgarities or the like.  You will be disqualified from the contest.   

Here are the rules: Like my Facebook page, Raising Sweet Grace, and leave a comment either below or on Raising Sweet Grace's Facebook page with your best response.  You must like RSW's Facebook page in order to be considered.  The contest starts today, June 6th and ends on June 15th at midnight est.  Me and my crack team (the Hubs, Peanut, Little Bird, Little Bug and maybe some others) will pick out the best phrase using algorithms and other scientific means.  The winner will be notified via Facebook on June 17th.

Ok here is the fun part......The prize.  The best response will win the book Who grew my Soup by Tom Darbyshire.  It's about a boy named Phin who had questions about his vegetable soup.  Mr. Mattoo shows up in his flying tomato balloon and takes Phin on an adventure from farm to farm to learn all about the vegetables in his soup.  A great book to show children that even though their food came from the grocery store or farmers market, it more than likely it started the journey to their plate on a farm!

May the best person win, good luck and all that fun stuff!!

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