The wait is finally ova!

Hey there.....So I asked you to stay around and wait until February to find out what is going on with this blog.  And if you are reading this thank you for sticking around and giving in the the hype.  I promise you it will be well worth it.

So here's the scoop......

I have been in a serious funk lately.  Serious effing funk.  I tried to rally the troops and put my big girl panties on but, seriously, it just got the best of me.  Nothing bad and nothing I want to get into here, just the type of funk where you are perceived as lazy.  Cause we all know watching TV is way better than doing anything else.

Any who.....I am over it now.

I got some fun things in store for you.  I am going to change the direction of this blog to a little to more of a lighthearted, fun poking look at our life  It is sarcastic, and yes there will be some curse words, but I hope you enjoy it!

If not then there's the door....Kidding.  No wait come back!!  I have beer?!

I still have no schedule for posting because life around here is just CRAZY!  I am hoping that with time I will be able to get my shit together and post some stuff.  So I hope you will stay around just a little longer.  

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